First steps towards HTA and priority setting in Ghana

By Françoise Cluzeau May. 5, 2016

Dr Francoise Cluzeau, Associate Director NICE International and Prof Jo Lord from Southampton Health Technology Assessment Centre ran a workshop in Accra  with a multi stakeholder working group to help them develop a health economics model for the pharmacological treatment of hypertension and using the Ghana national Standard Treatment Guidelines. The workshop was coordinated by the Directorate of Pharmaceuticals of the Ministry of Health and had input from the Ghana National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Ghana Health Service, the College of Physicians, University of Ghana and other stakeholders. Together, they agreed a well-advanced model that would  help the Government of Ghana and NHIA prioritise reimbursement of hypertension drugs for Ghana. The group also discussed how HTA could be institutionalised in Ghana. A flyer outlining Ghana’s commitment to Priority Setting was shared at the recent Health summit in Accra.