NICE International visits Geneva

Apr. 2, 2015

April 2015

NICE International visited Geneva to meet with senior colleagues from UNITAID, the Global Fund and GAVI.

During the meetings, we discussed the importance of demonstrating value for money of investment at both the central and national levels, especially as an increasing number of countries are transitioning to a less donor-dependent status.

A growing number of countries are requesting support from iDSI on how to spend their own money on healthcare technologies and services. Global disease and technology-specific funding channels and donors have a responsibility to support capacity building (through institutions, people and data). This will ensure countries are able to take on the burden of continuing to provide (where appropriate) technologies and services that are financed, procured and often delivered by foreign parties.

We will continue to work with our partners and interested parties to help demonstrate the value for money of healthcare investment from the country perspective – a value proposition very different from conventional Return On Investment behind much of current thinking.

The meetings were organised by the US-based Results for Development.