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iDSI hosts fifth two-week study tour for senior Chinese health professionals and researchers

By Francis Ruiz Oct. 11, 2019

The iDSI team at Imperial College and core iDSI partner the China National Health Development Research Centre (CNHDRC), have been organising visits by groups of high-level Chinese health leaders and professionals, from national and regional bodies, and from clinical and non-clinical roles, to visit the UK each year since 2014. The study tours seek to provide delegates with a solid …

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Balancing budgets and coverage on the road to determining Health Benefit Packages: iDSI hosts three major events bringing together policy-makers from around the world

By Madeleine Stewart Nov. 12, 2018

Although needs and available resources will undoubtedly differ by country, many face similar challenges on the road to determining an essential package of health benefits as part of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). As part of three recent events, which saw hundreds working in health policy gather in Accra, Liverpool and London, iDSI sought to delve into important factors that guide …

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iDSI hosts two-week study tour for Chinese delegation

By Madeleine Stewart Oct. 18, 2018

Health policy evaluation and Health Technology Assessment in the UK were put under the spotlight during a two-week study tour for Chinese officials, hosted by iDSI, which concluded today. The 22 delegates, from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds, visited London and Cambridge to develop their understanding of the UK healthcare system, including health-related legislation and regulatory mechanisms, policy development and …

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Launch of new Chinese health ministry should help develop UK-China partnership in Health Technology Assessment

By Francis Ruiz, Else Krajenbrink Apr. 16, 2018

The National People’s Congress of China has endorsed the National Health Commission, which will replace the National Health and Family Planning Commission, paving the way for greater Health Technology Assessment in China. The new ministry has been launched following a sweeping reorganisation of China’s State Council and a set of institutional reforms. The National Health Commission will be responsible for …

A series of events to support the China Health Policy & Technology Assessment Network, led by CNHDRC, the iDSI China HTA hub

Johanna Habicht, University College of London Mar. 10, 2017

17th, 21st-22nd  February 2017, China National Health Development Research Centre (CNHDRC) and Global Health and Development Group (GHD), Imperial College London organised a series of events in Xiamen which further illustrate China’s ongoing commitment to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of its health services. The first day started with the dissemination meeting of a project supported by the UK Prosperity Fund. The …

Health Policy Evaluation and Technology Assessment Network Meetings in Xiamen, China – New horizons for international cooperation in evidence informed policy making

By Mohamed Gad

2017 February 17th – 21st, Building on the launch of China Health Policy and Technology Assessment Network last December, China National Health Development Research Center (CNHDRC) hosted a series of events in Xiamen, China – marking the network’s consistent progress towards evidence-informed healthcare in China as well as building capacities for China’s HTA network. Kalipso Chalkidou, Reetan Patel, & Mohamed Gad …

Launch of China Health Policy and Technology Assessment Network under auspices of NHFPC

By Private: Kalipso Chalkidou Dec. 6, 2016

Health Policy Technology Assessment China 6th December marked the launch of the China Health Technology Assessment hub to which Kalipso Chalkidou, Director Global Health and Development Group (GHD), was invited, representing iDSI and Imperial College London. Kalipso presented on the value of HTA as a means of managing expenditure and ensuring investment is made in those technologies and interventions most likely to benefit large numbers of those in …

FCO People to People Dialogue and the Prosperity Fund

By Private: Kalipso Chalkidou

On 5 Dec, Kalipso Chalkidou, Director of the Global Health and Development Group (GHD), represented Imperial group at the 4th People to People dialogue in Beijing, convened by Vice Minister Cui Li from the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) of China, and the UK’s Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt. Healthy ageing, improving quality of care and …

Global Health and Development Participation 10th China Heath Technology Assessment Forum

By Private: Kalipso Chalkidou Nov. 14, 2016

In November 2016, Kalipso Chalkidou participated in the 10th China HTA Forum at Hangzhou in SE China, under the auspices of Fudan University and with support from the China Medical Board. The Forum, attended by 300 delegates from academia, provincial and central administration and the international HTA community, was an opportunity to share experiences and commit to institutional partnerships including …

Chinese Delegation visit and MoU signing – CNHDRC and Imperial College

By Else Krajenbrink Nov. 3, 2016

In October 2016, a delegation of 25 high level officials from the China National Health and Development Research Center (CNHDRC) and the National Health and Family Planning Committee (NHFPC) visited Imperial College to learn about the NHS, integrated care and health innovations. The visit was hosted by the Global Health and Development Group (GHD, former NICE International). The delegation received talks from …